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September 16th only
     Danbury, Ct.
   Calgary Alberta Canada
        June 10th - 11th

    What a great time we had in Calgary. 
Thursday Dan an company took
all of us to Banff. An exquisite
place to visit. Great Golf Course,
Scenery, and Food.

    Ashley Snyder, Doug BRadley,
and John Duggan were on hand
for autographs and friendly

October 20-21
Skeleton's Lair Theme Park
Settle, Ky.
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We were all given the White HAt
which represents the KEY to the city.

Our sincere thanks to everyone
who made it so special.

dick & Cat

Tom Adkins
Tom Morga
Lisa Loring
Ken Foree
Sid Haig
Adrienne Barbeau
        Dick Warlock / Michael Myers
† Come out and meet Dick Warlock, who
   played Michael Myers in Halloween II.
Mr. Warlock will be at Skeletonís Lair on
           October 20th & 21st.
The Assassin H3
Michael Myers H2