Cowboy Stuff
I love doing the cowboy thing but I never got the chance to do much because I was gifted to be at Disney Studios for nearly ten years and so I missed the big westerns of the day.
At age 18 I thought I was a pretty good double for this guy....but that never happened.
Dick Jones (left) as Buffalo Bill Jr. and Dick West on the Ranger Rider TV Series and me at age 18 (right).
Dick was a very handy stuntguy in his own right. He did his own horse work and fights on both shows.
Dick Jones' Resume can be found at:
A packtrip in the High Sierras in California with friends
Riding Annie on a ride with a buddy and in the Christmas Parade 2010 on Cupcake
1958 Same guy about fifty years later 2008
Dick Warlock 1997-2021
Yes, I finally met a man I've admired as an actor for a long time.
                        Mr. James Drury  "The Virginian"
with Chief Dan George "Smith" (below right) or A Man Called Smith later retitled "Smith", Disney
Ricky Silva & Dick
Corriganville 1967
Clu Gulagar
Sheriff Emmet Ryker
Bob Colbert
Time Tunnel
Chris Robinson
The Wide Country,
Wagon Train

                Dick Jones  / Actor

Richard Percy Jones , known as Dick Jones or
Dickie Jones, was an American film and television
actor who achieved success as a child performer
and as a young adult, especially in B-Westerns. or

        Dick became my friend
     and I'll miss you compadre.
Walt Larue
Bob Terhune
Harvey Parry
Richard Farnsworth
A Walt Disney Production Still
Dick Warlock
Jerry Vance (below left) seen here with Bob Bickston, was a big part of my
career.  To the right is  Corriganville (main street circa 1952) in Simi Valley California
where it all started for me. We would stage live action shows in the street
for upwards of two thousand people on a summer weekend.
Many celebrities of that era came out to spend time with their fans. People
like:  Lou Costello, Peter Brown, Chief Thundercloud and Nick Adams
(Below)  David Nelson (in the saddle) is Ricky's brother. Elaine Dupont is (Crash's wife),
Dick, Jim Lebowe, Ricky" Spider" Silva and Ray "Crash" Corrigan
Another favorite at the Ranch was Cowboy film star Rex Allen.
Some of the shows we did were
"Billy The Kid Breaks Jail"
  "Gunfight at the OK Corral"
   Billy Clanton didn't make it.
Lou Costello of the comedy team
      of Abbott and Costello
Peter Brown ( Lawman & Larado)
interviewing Ray "Crash" Corrigan
  Chief Thundercloud (left) with Crash,
Elaine Dupont and some Ranch visiters
Nick Adams ( The Rebel TV series)
          and Crash
Jerry & Dick in Sipokni West Ok. 2008
      I finally met my hero at a restaurant in Woodland Hills Ca.
    in 2003 after living two miles up the road from him for over
    twenty years.  Shopping at the same stores and gas stations
                             and yet we never met until 03.
                      We had become pals. RIP my friend.