The cast of the show
My pal Jerry and I visited Tombstone Arizona recently
and while we were there we were invited to participate in
the famous "Gunfight at the OK Corral".  I was asked to do the part of Virgil Earp and Jerry was to portray Billy Clanton. After sitting through the first show and realizing how much dialogue was involved in the Earp character I declined the offer.  The shows head man, Tim Fatig, said that I couldn't do that and he offered to use me as the town sheriff Johnny Bein. In the video you  will see that as the Earps enter the arena sheriff Bein attempts to stop them from engaging in the gunfight. Wyatt knocks Bein down and continues on to the showdown with the Clanton's and McLaury's as Bein exits as a coward.

We had a blast with the cast of the show.
Everyone was very gracious to us even though we were interlopers. There are some pictures and video of our experience via the button below. Thanks for looking in on the ...

Tombstone Arizona 2013
Dick Warlock 1997-2014
"Gunght at the OK Corral"
Virgil, Please. Don't go out there.
They're armed and waiting for you.

"Get out of my way, Johnny Bein".
Bein, the coward scurries off

Tim Fatig
Dick Warlock 1997-2021
Virgil knocks Bein down