Good Tuesday afternoon 5-25-21

Hello,  It's been a hectic time for us. Run, run, run.

My good friend Jerry Vance who I have know for 65 years has disappeared from his home in Ok.  I believe he has been taken against his will and is now being held in the San Diego area of California. Jerry is the man who gave me the name Warlock in 1960. I have some information but not enough to tie it to an address. 


I recently was gifted with Nick Malpagano's latest Myers mask. A spitten image of the photo he took the likeness from. 

  Thanks Nick.

We are doing well here at home. Still wearing the mask to help protect who are not willing to be vaccinated which is their God given right. I would like the Virus stopped asap though.  However, it's in a power far greater than mine. A lot of work outside now that the weather is warming up. We are going on a Train Ride real soon. 

 Looks like it would be a blast. I rode the train from Durango Co. up to Guray Co. on time with Jerry. 


God bless,