It's 3-3-2021

Time for another update. I have my 2 vaccine shots and now have about 2 weeks left to be fully safe. There is some news about a new H2 mask by Nick Mulpagano. This item is available on Ebay right now. I spoke with Nick yesterday via Zoom and he showed me one of the masks. Very good indeed. This one has no input from me at all. Strictly his own interpretation. I say this because I have, in the past, had some input on several versions of the Myers mask. On one occasion I had a deal with the maker for a % from the sales. This person screwed me royally and is still doing it today. I just hope that if you have purchased one of these with a COA that you check the signature on that COA very carefully. That makes two times I failed by trusting someone with my name and or personal items only to be fooled. I will never be trusting another person with my name or personal items again. 

Stay safe, wear your mask until you're positive that the virus, even though you may have had your shots, has been totally wiped out. I'll wear mine because I don't want to give it to some unsuspecting soul myself because I'm still able to carry it. Sound like a preacher don't I.


Take care,