It's Friday already

Howdy partners, Glad you've stopped by again. Raining here in Tennessee. Little snow early in the week but nothing serious. I hate whet's going on in Washington. What a waste of tax payers money no matter how it ends up.  I had a great birthday on the 5th. I'm having all kinds of trouble with my Red Dead Redemption 2 PC game. It opens in the middle of a mission and I can't get away form it. I've deleted and reinstalled it after removing what I thought was all the parts that are scattered around all over my computer. Regedit is my go to spot for cleaning bits and pieces of deleted programs. Anyway, no help. Rockstar Games has been ABSOLUTELY no help at all. 

It's photo share time:  James Drury  The Virginian. RIP

Thanks and God Bless each and every one of you.