October 4, 2021

Hello everyone, 

Boy I've been negligent in keeping up with the posting. I apologize for that.  Here is the latest. Cathy and I took a three week vacation to the west coast to visit family and friends. We had a wonderful trip. The best trip west sine moving to Tennessee. We just got back from North Myrtle Beach. It is quite there at this time of the year. We had a condo on the beach and spent considerable time on the sand and surf. Well Cathy did. I'm not a fan of the beach. For the first few years that I lived in California it was at the beach and I've had enough of the sand in all of my orifices to last me a life time. I did sit near her though not in the water. 

Back to being home. Halloween is coming upon us soon and we are looking forward to it with one exception. We don't yet know if the little kid-lets will be allowed to trick or treat because of Covid. No decision has been made so far. Sad state of affairs for the little ones. We will be ready just in case there are some relenting parents. I'm dressing as a bad guy bandit so I will have a bandana mask on. Sean Clark tried contacting me while we were away but I haven't gotten back to him so I don't know what it involves. Personal, convention or a signing of some sort. I don't like doing the private ones. They are almost exclusively dealers who double the price on Ebay. 

So much for that. I am always glad to hear from from my friends that I've met over the years and will always try to respond to all of the mail.


Bless you all and take care,


Felix Silla will be missed. he was my friend.

Felix Silla