Welcome to my Blog #2

Ok, the hernia thing is over. Healing fine. I just updated the site with some added dialog about each picture. Playing a lot of PS4. Boxing, Red Dead 2 and Nascar Racing on my computer along with Flight Simulator 2020. Cool stuff. I had a Yoke and Pedal system from the early days of this particular sim and they have come in handy. I don't like joy sticks if I can use something closer to what you would use for real. Now if I was playing a fighter plane as my chosen ride a joy stick works very well.

Awhile back we had a mother cat bring her newborn kitten up on our deck and hide it under the bbq cover. We hosted them while we looked for new home for the pair. Had mama cat neutered and all of the necessary shots. Unfortunately no one wanted the pair. We found an older lady and she took the female kitten and a couple near us took mama cat. Mama cat was doing fine in her new surroundings. She was to be an outside feline. She would hunt at night and sleep off and on almost all day when she lived here. I guess she had the same routine at her new home. One evening Cathy saw her down in our back yard. She called out to Summer and she came running. bounding up the stairs she was seemed to be very excited to see us. We let her in the house and played with her until she fell asleep in front of the fire place.  When she awakened from her nap we let her out and assumed she had gone back home. After a day or so the new parents called to ask if we'd seen her. That was last Thursday.  She hasn't been seen since then. I'm not a happy camper. I'll miss her if after I go into the woods behind their house looking for a clue as to what happened and find that she has had something bad happen.  Sorry for dragging my story out like this but that is what this blog thing is for ... isn't it.. 

Take care,