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Welcome to my Blog #2

Ok, the hernia thing is over. Healing fine. I just updated the site with some added dialog about each picture. Playing a lot of PS4. Boxing, Red Dead 2 and Nascar Racing on my computer along with Flight Simulator 2020. Cool stuff. I had a Yoke and Pedal system from the early days of this particular sim and they have come in handy. I don't like joy sticks if I can use something closer to what you would use for real. Now if I was playing a fighter plane as my chosen ride a joy stick works very well. Awhile back we had a mother cat bring her newborn kitten up on our deck and hide it under the bbq cover. We...

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Dick’s Blog #?

Dick's Blog 11-24-2020 Hello again. Well, things have been happening faster than I care to think about. First I did get the bridge in my mouth fixed. Well at least the first part. I have several more visits before it's complete. The hernia surgery gave me the worse case of bowel packing I have ever heard of. Oh, my lord. Ops, I'd better clarify that right hear and now. I'm not going around soliciting opinions of peoples bowels. It has eased off now and things are moving right along. I just received a video/audio interview with my friend Nick Mulpagano. I was on the phone and he videoed that and no it's on Youtube. I don't know the link off hand but...

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